Each site inspires its layout and architecture. The same applies to individuals who take possession of it. The combination of these two realities is an art that fascinates us which results in tailor-made dwellings, perfectly integrated with their surroundings and where it’s a pleasure to live.


We have built a team of highly qualified professionals to assist you in the implementation of your project and to see it realized in a turnkey and worry-free formula.


Building with us is a rewarding experience.

Building in nature requires a particular understanding of the site and the environment that is available to its owners. The architect plays a decisive role in the establishment of the building and in the development of living spaces that favour interaction between its inhabitants and the environment.


That's why we work with architects who know our environment and who will accompany you in an intelligent realization of your project.



The engineering teams with whom we work also have the advantage of knowing the land and taking advantage of the experience of our latest achievements.


They adhere to our principles to minimize the ecological footprint of our buildings and to provide the occupants with high-performance homes, all in comfort.


For an intelligent construction, simple and economical, take advantage of our know-how.

Vert Développement is an established general contractor with several certified housing projects. We can customize according to your plans, both at Domaine Mont-Bellevue and elsewhere in the Laurentides, Montréal and Outaouais regions.


The careful supervision, our continuous presence and transparency on the progress of the work, are at the heart of our approach when we accompany each of our clients.


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